AlcatelSociété Alsacienne de Constructions Atomiques, de Télécomunications et d'Electronique
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The Alcatel 7770 OBX delivers true telco-grade reliability, based on the Alcatel Carrier Environment Internet System (ACEIS) -- an essential component of building five nines (99.
Network World gives these awards in 13 separate categories and the Alcatel 4980 Softphone received the top score in the VoIP category.
Alcatel has also introduced a number of quality control and logistics efficiencies that allow Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers' internal manufacturing and Third Party Logistics Providers' warehouse management systems to electronically communicate with Alcatel's quality systems based in Calabasas, California.
According to Tom Eggemeier, vice president of channels for Alcatel North America enterprise business, "There is a growing interest from companies with highly mobile employees such as manufacturing companies and healthcare institutions for indoor wireless solutions such as the Alcatel PWT wireless phone.
Together with the pricing that is extremely aggressive for the enterprise, these tests demonstrate that Alcatel provides the highest availability for today's mission-critical enterprise networks.
Built on an open architecture and industry standards, the Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise provides Hotel Commonwealth with traditional phone features while supporting advanced IP phones from Pingtel and hospitality applications.
Alcatel will deploy its MDR-8000 microwave digital radios, using licensed and license-free frequencies, along the entire span of the toll road.
Alcatel (NYSE:ALA), the world leader in broadband communications access solutions, has been selected by Bostream AB, Sweden's second-largest Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband operator, for a DSL network that enables delivery of high-value, broadband entertainment services over DSL -- including broadcast video.
All schools use Alcatel OmniSwitches to provide enhanced services, better performance for faster Internet access, as well as prioritization for video and IP telephony.
Alcatel, (NYSE:ALA) the world leader in broadband communication solutions, today announced a significant addition to its market-leading access portfolio: the 7301 Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM).
The new Alcatel OmniVista VLAN Manager lets administrators deploy VLANs across the network simultaneously with one button click, freeing them from configuration complexities that plagued the last generation of VLANs.
With XTEND's MediCall and the Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise, hospitals can be far more efficient in servicing patients and medical personnel.