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ALCEAApprendre les Langues et les Cultures dès l'Enfance Autrement (French: Childhood Learning of Other Languages and Cultures)
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A hollyhock to revolutionise your garden is Alcea rosea 'Majorette Mixed', for the seeds can be sown to the front of the border or in pots as the plants attain a height of just 24 to 36 inches.
Reports of Neanderthals living 60,000 years ago in present day Iraq used plants such as hollyhock (Alcea spp) (Stockwell 1988, Thompson 1978).
[Apocynaceae] Aphis gossypii Rosa alcea Greene [Rosaceae] Chaetosiphon thomasi * (int) Macrosiphum rosae Rosa sp.
The cultivated ground that had been cleared of trees, ivy and weeds grew a range of mainly native plants including clary, Salvia sclarea, herb Robert, Geranium robertianum, and hollyhock, Alcea rosea.
Decor de France is one of only two shops in the country that carries Pottery by Alcea, handcrafted by Guy Gautier and directly imported from the South of France.
West Coast lady Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) (Vanessa annabella)
Has: gurney girl and orange pixie tomatoes, multiplier onion sets, small hot peppers, cantaloupes, blue oat grass, fesuca glauca, ribbon grass, malva alcea fastigata, and land cress
Medicinal and food plants of Nizip (Gaziantep-Turkey) Botanical name, Plant part Family and used Ailments treated Specimen number Local name (medicine) /Therapeutic effect Alcea dissecta (Baker) Hatmi Flowers Cough Zohary cicegi Flowers Gastro-intestinal (Malvaceae, MARE 15333) disorders Astragalus Geven Aerial Cold lamarckii Boiss.
The traditional tall hollyhocks that are seen in typical cottage gardens are usually the perennial types such as Alcea ficifolia.
The decoction is used for colds and Alcea iavateriflora 2 exhaustion.
Hollyhock (Alcea) THESE popular cottage garden plants add height and colour to the border from July to September and are available in rich and delicate shades, from the deep crimsons to blush pinks, whites and pale yellows, borne in a long succession on tall stems 1-3m (3-10ft) high.
Character taxa of the alliance: Alcea apterocarpa, Asyneuma giganteum, Campanula hagielia, Centaurea lactucifolia, Dianthus fruticosus subsp.