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ALCESAlberta Landscape Cumulative Effects Simulator (Canada)
ALCESAssociation of Lecturers in Colleges of Education in Scotland
ALCESAdolescent Life Change Event Scale
ALCESAggregate Level Command and Control Environment Server (US Army)
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Alces Flight eases operation of cloud computing environments for high performance and technical computing users.
A previously undescribed species of elaphostrongyline nematode with a dorsal-spine larva, Elaphostrongylus alces (Steen et al.
Using both evidence and wider participation to establish indicators for use within the model is emphasised by the ALCES model, owing that they 'should include variables that are meaningful to the local community and communicate both the ecological and socioeconomic implications of land-use' (Carlson, 2006: 6).
Lydekker (1898) therefore placed the species in the genus Alces and renamed it scotti.
Optimal harvest of age-structured populations of moose Alces alces in a fluctuating environment.
Resource limitation in a generalist herbivore, the moose Alces alces: ecological constraints on behavioural decisions.
Partial migration by large ungulates: characteristics of seasonal moose Alces alces ranges in northern Sweden.
1999: Hunter observations as an index of moose Alces alces population parameters.
Domestic cattle 514 Cow 304 (Heifer) Horse 432 Mare 216 Foal Goat 50 Goat 25 Kid Sheep 83 Ewe 42 Lamb Wild reindeer 100 63 45 Semi-domestic reindeer 100 63 45 Moose Alces alces 364 291 127 Red deer Cervus elaphus 145 100 47 Roe deer Capreolus capreolus 32 30 19 Herbivore species Breed Domestic cattle Norwegian red cattle Horse Different breeds Goat 'Norsk melkegeit' Sheep 'Norsk kvit sau' ** Wild reindeer Semi-domestic reindeer Moose Alces alces Red deer Cervus elaphus Roe deer Capreolus capreolus % Herbivore species [male] [female] Juv.
Key words: Alces alces, foraging distribution, moose, mountain birch, predictability, spatial scale, willow.
In this study, we examined whether moose Alces alces in central Norway showed temporal variation in habitat selection, and whether variation in selection differed among moose of different sex and reproductive status.
Key words: Alces alces, bull moose, body weight, antler spread, physical characteristics, trophy, harvest