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ABAdvanced Bus
ABAlliance of Baptists
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ABAvropa Birliyi (Azerbaijanian: European Union)
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ABAssumed Benefit (type of qualified retirement plan)
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ABAfter Blackout
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ABAlabaster Blue (University of New Hampshire a-capella group)
ABAsymmetric Balance
ABAxial Blanket (test)
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ABAdiabatic Bend
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ABAllen Bradley Corporation
ABArtis Baccularatum (Latin: Bachelor of Arts) University Degree
ABArray Bending
ABArbeidsvoorwaarden en Beroepskwaliteit
ABAirborne Bombing
ABBothropic Antivenom
ABAuntbrenda.com (Atlanta, GA)
ABArmeé Brittanique (British philatelic handstamp 1748)
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These results show that acid glycosaminoglycans are comparatively rare in muscles, in stroma of tooth, and in stroma of jaw, but can be detected in the tooth ligament and in the pyramidal suture of jaws, as shown by strong staining with alcian blue at pH 2.5 and with colloidal iron.
Chondrogenic differentiation was evaluated by Alcian blue staining and gene expression.
The myxoid matrix presented strong positive labeling to mucin on Alcian blue pH 2.5 staining (Figure 1C).
After being deparaffinised and hydrated, the sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin (HandE) and Masson's trichrome stain to determine the general structure of stomach regions, the periodic acid schiff (PAS) for determinating neutral mucins, glycogen, and other periodate reactive carbohydrates (sialidaselabile, sialomucins and weakly sulphated mucins), alcian blue (pH 2.5) for identifyi ng acidic mucins, alcian blue (pH 2.5)- Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) for differentiating acidic and neutral mucins, combined aldehyde fuchsin- alcian blue (pH 2.5) (AF-AB) for differentiating of acidic mucins with sulphate and carboxyl groups.
Treatment Dose mg/kg Gastric wall mucus [micro]g (n = 6) Orally Alcian blue of wet glandular tissue Control - 317.27 [+ or -] 13.58 80% EtOH only - 157.06 [+ or -] 4.17 * (a) Amla ext.+ 250 181.99 [+ or -] 12.93 80%EtOH Amla ext.+ 500 255.34 [+ or -] 11.27 * (b) 80%EtOH (a) - as compared to control group; (b) - as compared to 80% Ethanol group.; * P < 0.001 Student's t-test.
In both NCS1 and NCS2 cells, the material enclosed in these secretory granules stains with alcian blue pH 2.6.
On the other hand, the majority of authors claim that differentiated MenSCs (ESCs) showed strong immunoreactivity to a monoclonal antibody against Collagen type 2 and accumulation of proteoglycan that were revealed by Alcian blue staining [24, 59, 60, 62], which are believed to be considerable confirmation of chondrogenesis.
Representative photograph of 3-4 weeks buffalo calf's proximal colon showing strong positive reaction for acid mucoplysaccharides in intestinal glands invading the lymphoid tissue (arrow), present within the lymphoid tissue (boxed; inset) in submucosa and within lymphoglandular complexes (LGCs) (dotted arrow) (Alcian Blue X 20).
The tumor hyaluronic acid mucopolysaccharides matrix stained blue (Alcian blue, original magnification X 400).
Cortes transversais de 4[micro]m foram corados com Hematoxilina Eosina (HE) Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS), para deteccao de mucinas neutras e sialomucinas labeis, Alcian Blue (AB) pH 2,5, para deteccao de sialomucinas e sulfomucinas, e Alcian Blue (AB) pH 1,0, para deteccao de sulfomucinas, seguindo protocolo descrito por MYERS et al (2008).