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AA/DAlcohol Abuse/Dependence
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Later data from NSDUH showed that 780,000 older adults had alcohol abuse/dependence (SAMHSA 2012a).
Although alcohol abuse/dependence is a significant and growing health problem for the increasing population of older adults in the United States (AMA 1996; Bartels and Naslund 2013), there have been very few systematic studies of alcohol treatment outcomes for older adults (Bobo et al.
To allow meaningful interpretation, we used three dichotomous variables to represent the four-category outcome variable, co-occurrence of alcohol abuse/dependence and non-medical use of a prescription drug.
Each category (except the reference) of the outcome variable, co-occurrence of alcohol abuse/dependence and non-medical use of a prescription drug, was associated positively with abuse of/dependence on illicit drugs.
The present study of a national sample of college students aimed to link non-medical use of a prescription drug and alcohol abuse/dependence to mental illness, as well as to evaluate gender's role in this linkage.
Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in college (Slutske 2005); 17% of full-time college students in our study are, in fact, diagnosed with alcohol abuse/dependence, so comorbidity of alcohol abuse and mental illness should be no surprise.
Another 3.3 percent reported dysthymia (a mild depression), 2.8 percent reported alcohol abuse/dependence and 2.2 percent reported an episode of major depression.
"For example, a history of alcohol withdrawal seizures, unremitting alcohol abuse/dependence, impaired driving ability leading to accidents, presence of suicidal or homicidal plans or ideas--these would not be scenarios where I would want to see a patient using alcohol because of safety concerns."
Safety of Depakote in bipolar patients with comorbid alcohol abuse/dependence. American Journal of Psychiatry 156:1122, 1999a.
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