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AODDAir Operated Double Diaphragm
AODDAlcohol and Other Drug Dependence (addiction)
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"Effective screening and interventions for mood and anxiety disorders as a consequence of certain adverse childhood events may help prevent alcohol and other drug dependence in later life," Dr.
The following adverse events that occurred before age 13 were significantly associated with alcohol and other drug dependence in later life: witnessed or experienced violent crime, sexual abuse, or physical abuse (odds ratio, 1.76); grew up in a substance-using household (OR, 1.97); or grew up in a regular smoking household (OR, 1.67).
Perhaps when we reach the milestone of a dozen antiaddiction drugs that physicians need to know about, all medical schools finally will include alcohol and other drug dependence in their curricula.
Combined Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence. New York: Plenum Press, 1990.
We are also concerned, however, about patients with alcohol and other drug dependence. Given the effectiveness of treatment for these disorders,[20] including effective pharmacotherapy,[21-23] we should screen for them as well.
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