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ARBDAlcohol-Related Birth Defects
ARBDAluminum-Related Bone Disease
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[U.S.A.], Aug 27 ( ANI ): Beware would-be-mothers, drinking during pregnancy may harm your baby, as a study has recently revealed that globally eight in 1,000 babies are born with alcohol-related birth defects.
These findings illustrate that alcohol can interfere with communication among cells and molecules during development and indicate additional targets for intervention to prevent or ameliorate alcohol-related birth defects.
A diagnosis of alcohol-related birth defects (ARBD) can be made when a congenital defect is found with prenatal exposure.
Some research has centered on the investigation of ethyl linoleate (E18:2) as the biomarker most likely to identify alcohol-related birth defects (11).
Humphrey, "Preventing Alcohol-Related Birth Defects," UPI, 12 December 1982, LNOS.
An important strategy for preventing alcohol-related birth defects is the development of better screening techniques to identify women at high risk for heavy alcohol consumption throughout their pregnancy.
Conversely, if a woman, even an alcoholic one, stops drinking before becoming pregnant, her fetus will not develop FAS or any alcohol-related birth defects. The safest course for women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant is not to drink at all.
Washington, September 16 ( ANI ): Female patrons at a Minnesota pub can check to see if they're pregnant before ordering their drinks to spare unborn children from alcohol-related birth defects.
* Alcohol-related birth defects (ARBD), which primarily are characterized by physical abnormalities; or
Washington, August 23 ( ANI ): In a new study, researchers have tried to shed light on alcohol-related birth defects.
Moreover, children of mothers with this allele are less vulnerable to alcohol-related birth defects. The enzyme ALDH1 also is encoded by several alleles.
KEY WORDS: Ethanol metabolism; ethanol clearance; pregnancy; maternal alcohol exposure; fetal alcohol effects; fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD); alcohol-related birth defects (ARBD); nutrition; total enteral nutrition (TEN); maternal nutrition; genetic factors
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