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ADHAlcohol Dehydrogenase
ADHAutomatic Data Handling
ADHAntidiuretic Hormone
ADHAdhesion (advertising)
ADHArkansas Department of Health
ADHAldehyde Dehydrogenase
ADHAccidental Damage from Handling (insurance coverage option for a computer)
ADHAtypical Ductal Hyperplasia
ADHAanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid (Dutch)
ADHAntidiuretisches Hormon (German: Antidiuretisches Hormon)
ADHAldan (Russia)
ADHAssociation des Directeurs d'Hôpital (French: Hospital Managers Association)
ADHArizona Department of Health
ADHAction Dignite Humaine (French: Human Dignity Action)
ADHAdvanced Double Hull (naval architecture)
ADHAdvanced Development Hardware
ADHAssistant Department Head
ADHAverage Delay to Handle (CRM and call centers)
ADHAngaston & District Hospital (Australia)
ADHAutomated Document Handling
ADHAxially Displaced Hyperbola (antenna)
ADHAlden House
ADHAllgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (German: General German University Sports Federation)
ADHAktion Deutschland Hilft Aktion Deutschland Hilft (German: Germany's Relief Association)
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The event was organized jointly with the Center for Psychological Assistance to Family and Youth and the Volunteer Movement, pupils of schools and students of the Aldan Polytechnical Technical School for large families, low-income families and families bringing up children with HIA.
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28) "Cuando hablas de coger almejas revalorizas el trabajo de las mujeres de Combarro, Aldan, Vigo, Noia y de las mujeres del mar de todos lados" (EP5, traduccion propia).
If you give him a pass by marriage, the young girl will live in a prison for her whole life," Aldan added.
Aldan, the man in her life for more than two decades, is happy and proud of his girls' accomplishments.
Aldan, Makati Public Employment Service Office (PESO) manager, representing the Office of the Mayor of Makati; Lyne Abanilla, VP, MB Classifieds; Kristin Berango, personnel manager GMA7; and Ramon Ting, AVP, MB Metro Manila Branches Classifieds.
He is told that General Ruiz Aldan has just been assassinated.
One of the unfilled tags Aldan discovered was from my trip to Ohio last fall.
Study the selection of Basque gastronomy produced by local artisans at Aldan, which carries everything from Rioja wine to foie gras.
The Aldan, the first vessel due to reach Libya was just off the coast of Tunisia yesterday afternoon, on its way to Brega.
Por otra parte, la deficiencia hidrica existente en los estios del III milenio impediria la permanencia del ganado en Mesa de Montes durante la temporada de verano, lo que exigiria desplazamientos a una cota mas baja, quedando a poco mas de una hora y media el curso actual del Rego de Barxes, y a algo mas de una hora los diversos acuiferos o manantiales del Val do Coiro; tambien a una distancia superior a los 60' quedarian los humedales de Vilarino, en la Ria de Aldan, y Limens, cerca de Cangas (Fig.