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ALDISAustrian Lightning Detection & Information System
ALDISAirport Landing Dues Information System
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Were pleased that ALDI has added a do not flush message for consumers making it clear that the bathroom cleaning wipes it is still selling should be disposed of in a rubbish bin instead of a toilet.
Rev Aldis also became active in the Keswick Convention.
Rev Aldis was a late bloomer: his biographer notes that Aldis was "well into his fifties before the full stature showed" (MacBeath 79).
Shortly after the Evelyns married in 1928, Dr Holden resigned as Home Director of the CIM and Rev Aldis replaced him.
In 1943, in his early seventies, Rev Aldis resigned as Home Director of the CIM.
And although it's hard to get the lowdown on the German chain, renowned for its obsessive secrecy, it's clear Aldi is gradually establishing a quality offer to rival many of its competitors.
Simon Baxter is sales and marketing manager of frozen vegetable supplier Ardo Shearway and has noticed that Aldi has started demanding better quality over the last couple of years.
Baxter says Aldi has developed a number of premium vegetable mixes, one of which is even called `luxury vegetables'.
Another important topic Aldis also plans to discuss is the obligation and appropriate response that a human resources department must take when a disaster - either manmade or natural - occurs.
In addition to numerous covenant and non-compete cases, Aldis has litigated dozens of employment and civil rights lawsuits filed against employers.
Additionally, Aldis was chosen by the Texas District and County Attorneys Association to author the employment law chapter in the association's forms book and has also served as an instructor at the Harris County Sheriff's Department Academy.