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ALEMAdaptive Learning Environments Model
ALEMAlemannian (linguistics)
ALEMAdvanced Level Emergency Manager (Alabama)
ALEMAssociacao Linguistica Evangelica Missionaria (Portuguese: Evangelical Missionary Linguistics Association)
ALEMAppui aux Lycées Esteqlal et Malalaï (French school support project)
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Helvetia (it wasn't called Switzerland until 1350) and nearby Alsace were essentially Alemannian territories.
It took many more years, however, for the rural Swiss to stop writing in Alemannian.
Thus, Notker's sense of being Alemannian is clearest when he was writing about local events or customs.
This parallels the legal evidence which shows a sense of unwritten and vernacular Alemannian custom, and also the continuing influence of the Alemannian law code: see, for example, Die Urkunden Ludwigs des Deutschen, ed.