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With the introduction of Aithent Alert Manager, the time consuming, process of sorting through alerts, which can number in the thousands daily, is made simpler, shorter and far more productive.
This feature interacts with the scheduling feature to alert managers if an employee hasn't clocked in when scheduled.
The system can also alert managers when agents go on break without logging out of the system, possibly leaving sensitive customer data on their computer screens and calls to be routed to their empty workstations.
The grocer was recognized for its deployment of overhead infrared sensors that count people at checkout lanes and alert managers when lines are piling up.
FashionManager can also alert managers when a cutting has been against a style.
And, the new Task counter has been introduced to alert managers about tasks and projects that are in danger of not being completed on time.
As the sensors progress, they'll be able to alert managers to problems earlier and grow more sensitive to the needs of the greenhouse.
Within a year or two, people in the industry believe data analysis tools will be able to track the behaviour and motions of dealers to spot any deviations from normal procedure, and alert managers accordingly.
Per application, Service Level Objectives should be defined to track application performance over time and alert managers when performance degrades or be used to protect and prioritise business critical applications.
Alert managers will expect the unexpected; they know there are not many who can remember everything with total accuracy.
Detecting trace amounts of gases can alert managers to small leaks in a pipeline--or authorities to explosives hidden in a package.
Geofencing, which uses GPS to mark areas where vehicles should travel and to alert managers when they stray outside the designated areas, helping to prevent unauthorized vehicle use and theft.