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AWCAAssault Weapons Control Act (California)
AWCAAmerican Working Collie Association
AWCAAleutians West Census Area
AWCAArizona Wing Chun Association (Phoenix, AZ)
AWCAAmerican Women's Club of Amsterdam (networking group)
AWCAAveraged Waves Classified by Amplitude (ergonomics)
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For example, the population of Aleutians West Census Area has been on a downward trend, "It grew from the '70s to the '80s, had a spike in the '80s (from the building of the now-closed Adak Naval Air Station) and came back down," Shanks says.
For example, he said, the unemployment rate for Aleutians West Census Area was 4.
6 percent in the Aleutians East Borough and 7 percent in the Aleutians West Census Area -- more than 75 percent of them on the military island of Adak.