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ALXAlexandria (Egyptian automobile license plate)
ALXAmerica's Learning Exchange
ALXAustin Lindy Exchange (swing dance and music event)
ALXAlienware Luxury Experience (Alienware Corp.)
ALXAssistant Electrician (theatrical term)
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From Alexandria the route will be taken homeward, calling at Malta, Cagliari (in Sardinia), and Palma (in Majorca), all magnificent harbors, with charming scenery, and abounding in fruits.
He felt himself at home, and he made up his mind there and then, in a minute, that he would live the rest of his life in Alexandria.
I left Alexandria next day, and I forgot about Abraham till a little while ago, when I was dining with another old friend in the profession, Alec Carmichael, who was in England on short leave.
He's got some twopenny-halfpenny job in the medical at Alexandria -- sanitary officer or something like that.
I can recommend them, for I have them especially prepared by Ionides, of Alexandria.
The sort of thing the English did at Alexandria, the Japanese at Port Arthur, the French at Casablanca, is going on everywhere.
A reference to "Men of the Time" showed them that Admiral Hay Denver was a most distinguished officer, who had begun his active career at Bomarsund, and had ended it at Alexandria, having managed between these two episodes to see as much service as any man of his years.
Soon people from Dort to Mons began to talk of Mynheer van Baerle's tulips; and his beds, pits, drying-rooms, and drawers of bulbs were visited, as the galleries and libraries of Alexandria were by illustrious Roman travellers.
28) Apollonius `the Crabbed' was a grammarian of Alexandria under Hadrian.
His most famous books are 'Hypatia' (1853), a novel dealing with the Church in its conflict with Greek philosophy in fifth-century Alexandria, and 'Westward Ho
They had branch houses at Alexandria and Odessa, and correspondents here, there, and everywhere, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and in the ports of the East.
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