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ACTIAir Combat Tactics Instructor
ACTIAdvanced Cleanup Technologies, Inc (Rancho Dominguez, CA)
ACTIAdvanced Cell Technology Inc.
ACTIAdvanced Computational Technology Initiative
ACTIAdvisory Committee on Technology Innovation
ACTIAlfred C. Toepfer International GmbH (Germany)
ACTIAircrew Coordination Training Instructor
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Archer Daniels Midland Company today announced three significant actions in the company s ongoing portfolio management: an agreement to sell the company s South American fertilizer business, pursuit of the sale of the company s chocolate business, and the acquisition of the remaining stake of Alfred C. Toepfer International GmbH.
The Court of Justice has been questioned with regard to the scope of the legal protection conferred by a patent on a product containing generic information conferred by Directive 98/44/EC on biotechnological inventions in the context of two disputes between Monsanto Technology LLC, on one hand, and Cefetra BV, Cefetra Feed Service BV, Cefetra Futures BV (Cefetra) and, on the other hand, Vopak Agencies Rotterdam BV (Vopak) and Alfred C. Toepfer International GmbH (Toepfer), on the subject of imports into the European Union of soy meal originating from Argentina.
Toepfer International is a Dutch company that controls the activities of Alfred C. Toepfer International GmbH, a German trader in agricultural commodities (grain, oilseeds and feedstuffs).