ALFTAbnormal Liver Function Test
ALFTAction-Level Fault Tolerance
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By performing trial-and-error testing on the computer instead of with the actual machine, costs are reduced and productivity is increased," Alft said.
There also will be more focus on enhancement of tools for fleet management," Alft says.
We're excited about entering this product into the market," Alft continued.
The effectiveness of GPR can be limited by certain soil conditions, Alft explained.
Between those regions, its performance will vary with local conditions," Alft added.
The Interragator GPR system will not replace current walk-over utility locating systems, Alft said.
Technological innovation was a key factor in Vermeer's decision to form the alliance with ASV, according to Kevin Alft, Vice President of Underground Installation for Vermeer.
The Atlas Bore Planner is a standalone system that runs by itself on a computer,' says product manager Kevin Alft.
For planning, information on topography, existing utilities, bore-path targets and other details can be entered into the system on the computer's keyboard or with a quick-insert feature which, Alft says, is not available on other planning-mapping products.
MEDIA ADVISORY Photo Opportunity WHAT: Patrick Alft, Daniel Mendenhall, and Donald Guinn could win $1 million - just by being on target - in BC Powder's Million Dollar Fast Reliever Challenge.