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DZAAlgeria (ISO Country code)
DZADeutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen (German: German Center for Gerontology)
DZADesert Z Association
DZADruckerei Zu Altenburg (German: Altenburg Printing)
DZADienstzeitausgleich (German)
DZADzaoudzi Airport (Mayotte, France)
DZADieter Zgraggen Arbeitssicherheit (German safety engineering company)
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This was codified through FIS participation in the Sant'Egidio conference from 21-22 November 1994, which brought together political parties from across the political spectrum to discuss a return to democracy in Algeria.
Because the patient had returned from Algeria, a country where enteric fever is prevalent, the illness was misdiagnosed as typhoid fever, and the patient was treated with ceftriaxone (3).
This could turn his party - perhaps under a modified name - into something close to Islam's official political channel in Algeria.
Aside from northern Niger's current dependency on Algeria for its foodstuffs, the traditional trade from Algeria to Niger comprised dates and salt coming from Algeria, with livestock, millet, onions, fruit and henna going north from Niger.
During the launch event in Tlemcen, Ooredoo Algeria showcased its range of new 4G handsets and laptops, as well as innovative services such as app downloads.
He said China was making investments in Algeria and Pakistani investors should also explore his country for joint ventures and investment.
The best way to promote two-way trade was to establish direct contacts between the private sectors of Pakistan and Algeria, he added.
Although the constitution explicitly prohibits military intervention in other countries, Algeria has a clear interest -- reflected in its foreign policy -- in ensuring that its neighbors are stable and capable of dissuading extremist groups.
Anticipated tax increases on tobacco due to the economic crisis, which is being driven mainly by declining oil prices in Algeria, are set to remain the major threat to growth in tobacco in Algeria over the forecast period as the unit prices charged for smokeless tobacco, like all tobacco products, are projected to increase significantly over the forecast period.
The government of Algeria has emphasized on the development of road infrastructure to provide favorable conditions for transportation within the country.
In an official visit to the Algerian capital of Algiers, Erdoy-an praised the agreement between the national hydrocarbon company of Algeria and the Turkish state-owned oil and natural gas pipeline company BOTAE[currency], who extended their agreement for 10 years.