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Lee Passmoor, chairman of Dryburn Theatrical Workshop, said: "This year we're celebrating Dryburn Theatrical Workshop's 40th anniversary year and Gateshead-born actor and writer Tom Whalley has written Alice in Wonderland specially for us.
Adapted by Theresa Heskins, the play combines Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass, and unites enduring characters and creatures from both books.
Conclusion: Alice in Wonderland syndrome was considered because of clinical and laborotary findigs were competible with viral infection.
Alice in Wonderland comes to its climax and denouement with the farcical trial of the Knave of Hearts in a resounding criticism of the dehumanising effects of consumer culture and arbitrary justice systems.
This is Alice In Wonderland after all, so anything goes.
7 ALICE IN WONDERLAND (2010) DIRECTOR Tim Burton's movie takes an adult Alice back to the magical world of her childhood.
Book page illustration Photo courtesy of Alice in Wonderland twitter page
With this novel, Cathy Cassidy has written a stunning modern day take on the original Alice in Wonderland story.
ALICE in Wonderland characters hit the streets of London to mark 150 years of the children's novel, searching for a way back to Wonderland.
FILM stars Michael Sheen and Rhys Ifans have signed up for a sequel to Disney's box oce smash-hit Alice in Wonderland - with Sheen voicing the character of the White Rabbit and Ifans playing the Mad Hatter's even madder father.
A GIANT image of Alice in Wonderland was projected on to the front of the Albert Dock buildings.