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ATRCAdaptive Technology Resource Centre (Canada)
ATRCAdvanced Technology Research Center (various locations)
ATRCActive Traction Control
ATRCAssistive Technology Resource Center
ATRCAegis Training and Readiness Center
ATRCAdvanced Television Research Consortium
ATRCAlien Terrorist Removal Court
ATRCAgainst the Rest Crew
ATRCAir Traffic Regulation Center
ATRCArmy Transportation Research Command
ATRCAutomotive Tracking Reporting Analysis and Control
ATRCAdvanced Technology and Research Corporation
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Note also that the Alien Terrorist Removal Court provisions rarely, if ever, have been used since their adoption in 1996, primarily because the provisions' intricate procedures are considered unworkable, but also in part because of due process concerns.
The United States Code provides for a court that is quite peculiar: the Alien Terrorist Removal Court (ATRC).
The proposals would also "expand the definition of a terrorist in the Alien Terrorist Removal Court to anyone who knows or should know that an organization they support in any way is a terrorist organization" and make it illegal to give "expert advice to terrorists"--such as teaching a person to fly who later turns out to be a terrorist or airplane hijacker.
This system might work, except for one thing: Since passage of the law, not a single case has come before an alien terrorist removal court.