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AWSAmazon Web Services
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSAdvanced Warning System
AWSAutomatic Weather Station
AWSAdvanced Wireless Services
AWSAsynchronous Web Services
AWSAscom Wireless Solutions (various locations)
AWSAlien Workshop (skateboard company)
AWSAssociation of Women Surgeons (est. 1981)
AWSAlarm Will Sound (band)
AWSAll Water Service (shipping)
AWSAmerican Watercolor Society
AWSArchitectural Window Systems (various locations)
AWSAlternative Water Supply (various locations)
AWSAuxiliary Water Supply (various organizations)
AWSAmerican Wine Society
AWSAdvance Weight Sensor
AWSApache Web Server
AWSAdvanced Web Solutions
AWSAssembly Workstation
AWSAnalysis Workstation
AWSAdvanced Web Search
AWSAdvanced Web Server
AWSActive Web Services
AWSAuthentication Web Server
AWSAda Web Server
AWSAll Wheels Steering
AWSAdsl Workstation
AWSAustria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
AWSAutomatic Warning System
AWSAT&T Wireless Services
AWSAlternative Work Schedule
AWSAdvice and Welfare Services (UK)
AWSAs We Speak
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAlcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAverage Weekly Sales
AWSArchimedes Wave Swing
AWSA Wilhelm Scream (band)
AWSAlternate Work Schedule
AWSAEGIS Weapon System
AWSAll-Women Shortlist (politics; UK)
AWSAutomated Workflow System (software)
AWSAmerican Warmblood Society
AWSAdvance Warning Signal
AWSAdaptive Wireless System (computing)
AWSAnnual Wage Supplement (employee compensation)
AWSAsian Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA)
AWSAll-Weather Speaker (audio equipment)
AWSAkcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc (Election Action Solidarity, political party in Poland)
AWSApple Workgroup Server
AWSAdvanced White Society
AWSAlternative Workplace Strategies
AWSAircraft Warning Service
AWSAdvanced Wideband System
AWSAbyss Web Server
AWSAbrupt Wing Stall
AWSAbfallwirtschaftssystem (software)
AWSAccessible Wilderness Society (Canada)
AWSAssociate Writer to the Signet
AWSAlagille-Watson Syndrome
AWSArrow Weapons System (Israel)
AWSAdministration Workstation
AWSAutomated Weather Source, Inc. (weather forecast provider)
AWSAnalyst Workstation
AWSArea Weapon System (gun-cannon on attack helicopter)
AWSAmplify Weak Sectors (CloneCD feature)
AWSAmerican Welding Standards
AWSAthlete Whereabouts System (UK)
AWSAir Warning Service
AWSADSL Workstation (Hekimian)
AWSAtlanta Wind Symphony (Atlanta, GA)
AWSAuto Windscreens Shield
AWSAgency Walker Services (France)
AWSAvenue-Web Systèmes (French: Avenue-Web Systems; est. 1999)
AWSArbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
AWSAdvanced Wideband Satellite
AWSAmos W. Steinhacker (comic character; Netherlands)
AWSAmerican Weather Service
AWSAutomated Warehouse System
AWSAdvanced Wet Station
AWSAdvanced Water Systems, Inc
AWSAirport Water Shuttle (Boston, Massachusetts)
AWSAsian Women and Sport
AWSAssociation of Women in Science
AWSAircraft Weapon System
AWSAnti-Armor Weapon System
AWSAbsorb While Scan (radar absorbers)
AWSAlabama Writers Symposium
AWSAOL Weather Service (Aim Weatherbug)
AWSAirlock Workstation
AWSAgency Work Station
AWSAnello Web Services
AWSAtlantic Wholesalers Ltd.
AWSAuthenticated Web Server
AWSAbstract Wiener Space
AWSAmphibious Warfare School/Strategy
AWSAdaptive Weighting Strategy
AWSAccess Window Slot
AWSAgainst Wet Sawdust
AWSAmerican Walnut Satin (piano manufacturing)
AWSAbsolute Weight Strength (explosives)
AWSAvenger Weapons System
AWSAutomated Warehousing System
AWSAnti-Androgen Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAriise Web Search (Paris, France)
AWSAgent's Workstation
AWSAnnapolis Wind Symphony
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Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Brixton, adidas, Venture, Bones bearings, Jessup, Clone wheels
The target company includes skateboarding brands Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex.
Well Sammy Montano is the newest am on the Alien Workshop, Roman Pabich will be crushing cope on OJs and Dolan Stearns and Brendan Keaveny have taken the pro plunge for the low-key Lurkville brand.
Elsewhere in Ohio, the Sovereign Sect of the Alien Workshop has abducted two more specimens to the professional ranks after some serious video probing.
And then I got on Alien Workshop flow and then the rebirth of Alien.
Just in time for a Trump presidency apocalypse the Alien Workshop has packed up at Tumyeto and teleported back to the bunker at an undisclosed area near greater Xenia, Ohio.
Yaje Popson popped up at the new Alien Workshop, ending his welcome video by getting almost splattered by a car, thrashing hard, nonetheless.
Videos on the horizon: LRG's 1947 promises to be an epic, not-to-be-missed globetrotting adventure; Alien Workshop will undoubtedly be abducting new fans with their upcoming feature; the HUF's Stoops Euro Tour will surely put a little wunderbar in your week and Real is rolling out a K-Walk's post-pro-party trip (as seen in this issue) with raging footage from Justin Brock, Ernie Torres, Jake Donnelly, Ishod, Davis Torgerson.
Yeah, I got really drunk and fucking tried to choke Jason Dill out and never got on Alien Workshop.
American skate fans can expect parking-lot performances from some of the best in 2015, including Stay Flared; the Emerica/Lakai mash-up, the Tumyeto Supertour; involving Toy Machine, Foundation, Habitat and Alien Workshop, the Baker East Coast tour; always a dangerous time and a Stoops America tour from the heavies at Huf.