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ALFAnimal Liberation Front
ALFAssisted Living Facility
ALFAmerican Liver Foundation
ALFAlien Life Form
ALFAllocation Logement Familiale (French: Family Housing Allowance)
ALFAcute Liver Failure
ALFApplication Layer Filtering
ALFAccurate Positioning by Low Frequency
ALFApplication Layer Framing
ALFAutomatic Line Feed
ALFArea Labor Federation (various locations)
ALFApplication Level Framing
ALFAbundant Life Fellowship (religion)
ALFAccess to Learning Fund (financial aid; UK)
ALFArab Liberation Front
ALFApplication Lifecycle Framework
ALFAssociation of Libertarian Feminists
ALFAmerican Legacy Foundation
ALFAmerican Leadership Forum (various locations)
ALFAvenir de la Langue Française (French: Future of the French Language)
ALFAssociation des Ludothèques Françaises (French: French Toy Library Association)
ALFAdult Living Facility
ALFAgriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (industry sector)
ALFAfrica Leadership Forum (Nigeria)
ALFAllocation de Logement à Caractère Familial
ALFAnna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures (Euro-Mediterranean organization)
ALFAlgebraic Logic Functional (programming language)
ALFAdvanced Library Format
ALFAtlantic Logistic Forum
ALFAuxiliary Landing Field
ALFAlberta Lottery Fund (Alberta, Canada)
ALFAlfonsinos (FAO fish species code)
ALFAmerican LaFrance LLC (Summerville, SC firetruck manufacturer)
ALFAirlift Flight
ALFAccessible Low Floor (busses)
ALFAutumn Leaf Festival
ALFAmerican Liberation Front
ALFAlta, Norway - Elvebakken (Airport Code)
ALFAccelerated Load Facility
ALFAverage Load Factor
ALFAutomatic Login Facility
ALFAbsorption Limiting Frequency
ALFAmerican Liberty Foundation
ALFArt of Living Foundation (Bangalore, India)
ALFAirborne Laser Fluorosensor (offshore petroleum industry, environmental protection)
ALFA Lame Frontend
ALFAssisted Load Format
ALFAdaptive Lattice Filter
ALFAbha Light Foundation (Kenya)
ALFAmerican Legal Foundation
ALFAft Looking Forward
ALFAbout Life & Faith (Christianity)
ALFAdvanced List Format
ALFAlert Log File
ALFAerospace Legacy Foundation (Downey, CA)
ALFAnnual Licensing Fee
ALFArgonne Load Flow (Model)
ALFAir-Land Force
ALFAutomatic Letter Facer (mechanised letter sorting; Royal Mail - Postal Authority for the United Kingdom)
ALFAlfalfa Lawn Farm
ALFair lift forces
ALFAcquisition Logistics, and Fulfillment
ALFAmbassador Lapel Flag
ALFA Lotta Firetrucks (General Services Administration fire truck sales program)
ALFArithmetic and Log Function (Nortel)
ALFApplication Load Facility
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If an alien life form actually manages to shake your hand, you must immediately excuse yourself, and tell the alien that before you can proceed you must first go to restroom to wash your hand now that the alien life form has contaminated you.
Trying to explain to a semi-conscious,pyjama-clad child that his curtains are in fact just curtains and not some alien life form trying to get him, and that his pillow was not trying to eat him, is nigh on impossible.
1 A 229-year old Alien Life Form called Gordon Shumway, from the planet Melmac, hit our screens in 1987.
Indeed, Kurau is far from a normal human--her body has been merged with a binary alien life form called the Rynax.
And if there is alien life form on other planets, it leads to other questions.
He does this by showing them an alien life form growing in the bar's cellar: the old 'resistance is futile' line.
But still I ate the slimy vivid green mass, this alien life form that had violated our dining room.
Scientists could be watching alien life form in Orion - using one of the most powerful telescopes on Earth, they've detected the building blocks of a habitable planet swarming with life in orbit around a star forming in that constellation.
His best friend and former Bridgend teammate Ian Greenslade says he was given the tag after people noticed his similarity to the 1980s alien sitcom character ALF - Alien Life Form.
The US government sends a probe through a portal to a parallel universe, where it encounters an intelligent alien life form, damaging the probe so it gets stuck.