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AOTSAttack of the Show (television series)
AOTSAlignment of the Stars
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AOTSAutomatic Optical Track Scanner
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AOTSAcoustic Optic Tunable Scanning
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Surely, one cannot blame it on the alignment of the stars that in less than four months, we have two disasters in sport -- one of the Indian Premier League ( IPL) muck and now the CWG being under the scanner for all the wrong reasons.
It's always the referee's fault, or fixture schedulers or the alignment of the stars or the colour of their away kit - never naff tactics, poor discipline or dodgy team selection.
SYDNEY Australia is witnessing a rare alignment of the stars.
On a lighter note though, every once in a while, the pieces of the puzzle come together--an alignment of the stars so to speak--and in this case, we went hunting.
He sees a number of things that could change the market's outlook: "The value of the dollar, the Chinese [economy], the alignment of the stars," he quips.
His single-season record, however, may more suitably belong in the category of"Alignment of the Stars," since his second best campaign netted just 14 three-baggers.
Depending on the alignment of the stars, the phase of the moon, a newspaper can change, from better to worse - and vice versa
The beginnings of Judaism, paganism, Christianity, and Islam each corresponded to a particular alignment of the stars. Even more recent events in Italian history--the wars and rapid dynastic changes in Italy since the 1490s--could be explained by solar and lunar eclipses and their relationship to the zodiac (221-22).
Several of the structures appear to be giant astronomical calendars, indicating the alignment of the stars and the summer solstice.
But it may be more real than we think, thanks not to the alignment of the stars but to the misalignment of our priorities, thanks not to the will of heaven but to the whims of earth, thanks not to the vengefulness of God but to the carelessness of man.