ALiSSAfghanistan Life Support Services (US Department of State)
ALiSSAdvanced Lightweight Influence Sweep System (minesweeper)
ALiSSAutomated Life Insurance Sales System (Kirkland, WA)
ALiSSAssociation of Library and Information Science Students (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
ALiSSArtists and Learning Information and Support Service (England, UK)
ALiSSAffordable Laser Infrared Couner Measures (IRCM) Survivability System
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Peter Aliss suffered a cut to his head after being hit by a bottle at St James' Park
The goal of the ALISS is to measure "aspects of sustainability that are meaningful to law firms".
BUTTON, A HIGHLY EXPERIENCED designer of costumes for theater and opera whose first big ballet designs were for McIntyre's Aliss, agreed nearly four years ago to design costumes for Peter on spec.
At age 31, the openly gay McIntyre has already created 35 works, including his campy Aliss in Wonderland.
Perhaps, it's my own personal antipathy to all the weight and importance that is lent to the game of golf as evinced by TV commentator Peter Aliss at his most pompous, but it strikes me that this film is a lot about nothing.
ALISS uses new magnetic and acoustic technology to defeat "smart" multisensor sea mines designed to discern real targets from spoofs.
It is called ALISS (Ambient Light Imaging and Spectral System).
The dedicated ALiSS food service staffs outstanding performance played a large part in telling a successful story to help develop a successful proposal, said Roy Sherman, BD Pursuit Strategy manager.
While Aliss said: "His golfing brain is completely addled.
Apparently as the ball struck, the camera zoomed right in on me - even Peter Aliss made a comment, saying how much it must have hurt
Brian Thompson of Seamer, near Stokesley, exhibited a 1943 Aliss Chalmers, also made under the lend lease scheme but actually built in Lincoln.