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AAKAleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosovës (Albanian: Alliance for the Future of Kosovo)
AAKAlive and Kickin'
AAKAsleep at the Keyboard
AAKAusschuß Aachener Karneval (Carnival of Aachen Committee, Germany)
AAKAtlantoaxial Kyphosis (sagittal deformity)
AAKAmino Acid Kinase (enzyme)
AAKAll American Karate (Lambertville, MI)
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In 2004, Latin Jazz Alive and Kickin' received the BETA award for being one of the most watched and longest-running shows on Public Access television in the Bronx.
Lights and water with a good bit of property and tree damage here, but still alive and kickin'.
THANKS TO THE good sense and stage smarts of the Pennsylvania Ballet, George Balanchine's ballets are alive and kickin' in Philly.