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ALIWEBArchie Like Indexing on the Web (WWW)
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In June 1995, we made a series of tests on a number of then existing Internet indexing systems; these were ALIWEB, DACLOD, EINet Galaxy, GNA Meta-Library, Harvest, InfoSeek, Lycos, Nikos, RBSE, World Wide Web Catalog, WebCrawler, WWW, and Yahoo.
Alta-Vista, Excite, New Rider's World Wide Web Yellow Pages, Magellan, Point Search, Inktomi, Galaxy, Aliweb, Tribal Voice, Apollo, and Open Text.
9] Leslie Finck, also using three search topics, and testing eight engines, including AltaVista, Lycos, Open Text, InfoSeek, and AliWeb, stated.
Assembling a derived work from material already online is easy and some automatic search robots, such as HARVEST and ALIWEB, build listings of online citations to candidate documents relevant to a topic [4].