ALIXAnion Liquid Ion Exchange
ALIXAtlantic Littoral ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Experiment (Defence Research and Development Canada)
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Meanwhile, Alix will also serve as a member of the international jury at the 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Apsa) in Brisbane, Australia, on Nov.
Superfit Alix, who lived in Forres, completed the gruelling Loch Ness Beast Race - a 10k mud run - for charity at the start of the month.
Alix, 33, added: "Before this I was making things but selling them on the internet, but I am not really one with technology.
1 STEP CLOSER | Alix Ramsay Andy Murray last night edged closer to ending the year as World No.
Mr Boyle told the hearing: "The officer told me Alix had been hit by a car.
The police officer told me Alix had been hit by a car when crossing the road.
Alix, from Meadowfield in Durham, also wore a designer watch and a silver necklace which were never found.
I can hardly remember the appointment - it's such a blur," said Alix, who went along to the hospital with her mum, Rhian.
Eight months after Forrest's death, Alix appeared at the prearranged luxury hotel with heroin in her bag, and was arrested.
The 12 members of the class of 2015 include Clowa Bingham-Doe, Aspyn Carr, Jia Charley, Gage Corrigan, Alix Culp, Mindy Curington, Mathew James, Bryce Lindsey, Alexis Moore, Azaley Ramsdal, Austin Smith and Natasha Stevenson.
It was this time last year that Alix began feeling unwell with a pain down the side of her body.
There are instances in which Alix (who is still a minor) is drinking alcohol and taking illicit drugs, so issue a precaution for "sensitive" readers.