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ALK3Alkaline Trio (band)
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But time has a funny way of changing things and Blink-182 have since moved on without DeLonge, employing in his place Matt Skiba - formerly vocalist of pop-punk contemporaries Alkaline Trio - and doing their best to maintain the old fanbase while cultivating a new one with a more considered, measured and wilfully mature sound.
ALKALINE Trio Dan Andriano will be on tour with his Emergency Room project next month, stopping off at Birmingham's Temple on Thursday, November 12 to showcase his new Party Adjacent album.
No Cigar fits right in between the catchy appeal of pop punk and the grit of early punk rock - a great compromise between the eclectic arrangements of Alkaline Trio and fresh hooks a la Rise Against.
Help us play this beast of a festival alongside some of our favourite bands such as Taking Back Sunday, I Am the Avalanche, Alkaline Trio and Brand New.
28 WED ALKALINE TRIO Liquid Room Highly influential Chicago punk-rock band Alkaline Trio arrives in the Capital to promote their eighth studio album My Shame IsTrue.
They explore the impact of the increasing digitization of music after 2001 in the form of video games, websites, mp3 files, iPods, movie trailers, and YouTube clips, as well as the recent revival of the cassette culture; subversive musical responses to 9/11, including underground, improvised jazz, Radiohead's Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows, and Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero; and musical protest, its absence in mainstream hip-hop, the apolitical 60s sound of acts like Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, the rise of conservative punk around the 2004 presidential campaign, and responses of late-punk groups Alkaline Trio and Green Day.
Alaska and Sister Rose - The Keys, Middlesbrough pounds 2 Wednesday The Subways, Royal Republic, Turbowolf - The Empire, Middlesbrough, pounds 14; Buzzard Creek - Guisborough Quoit Club Thursday Alkaline Trio - The Empire, Middlesbrough pounds 16.
If you have tickets for Monday's Alkaline Trio show, be prepared to get there early.
Alkaline Trio o My Chemical Romance por otro (el lado "fresa" del rock), tocan el tema de los suicidios entre adolescentes por amor.