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ADMAAsymmetric Dimethylarginine
ADMAAustralian Direct Marketing Association
ADMAActive Directory Management Agent
ADMAAviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
ADMAAlaska Dog Mushers Association (Fairbanks, AK)
ADMAArea Division Multiple Access
ADMAActive Directory Management Agent (metadirectory services)
ADMAAustralian Disease Management Association (Melbourne, Australia)
ADMAAlkyldimethylamine (chemical)
ADMAAutomatic Direct Memory Access
ADMAAmplitude Division Multiple Access
ADMAAsian Direct Marketing Awards
ADMAAdvanced Direct Memory Access Controller
ADMAAiles du Maine Avion (French: Aéroclub Le Mans)
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Tertiary amities or alkyldimethylamines (DIIVILA; C12-C14 chain length) are key raw materials for amine oxides, betaines, and quats, all of which are surfactants used in a wide variety of industrial and personal and home care markets.