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An "All Army Activities" notification ** was issued that required PM to inspect and test 10 bottles from every production lot when it entered the AO, and at 30-day intervals at every storage location in the AO.
Trouble ticket submissions resulted in local fixes, corrections in programming, and updated policies issued through all Army activities (ALARACT) messages.
(3) All Army Activities (ALARACT) message 293/2012, "HQDA EXORD 10-12 ISO the HQDA FY13-15 Active Component Manning Guidance," Pentagon Telecommunications Center, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C., October 2012.
The web-based, quick-reference tool was designed to save logisticians time searching for relevant pieces of policy from Army Regulations, Army Pamphlets, Army All Army Activities (ALARACTs) and DOD transportation regulations (DTRs),
All Army Activities (ALARACT) message number 050/2009 (1) sets forth stringent reporting requirements for reporting unauthorized access to personally identifiable information (PII).
20 in a message to all Army activities. The message defines the wear policy and the "bridging" strategy for transition to the new uniform.
The Army (Interim) ITV Policy (All Army Activities 255/2007) supports the Army's "train as you fight" philosophy.
(21) All Army Activities (ALARACT) Message 194/2012, Rapid Expeditionary Deployment Initiative (REDI) Implementation Executive Order 250-12, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, 25 July 12.
An All Army Activities (ALARACT) message, dated November 8, spelled out the changes to retention control points.
The all Army activities message 286/2007, published on 14 December 2007, further clarifies the rules for wear.
All Army Activities Message 340/2009, Item Unique Identification (IUID) Capabilities in Property, dated 14 December 2009, states the "UII will be used as the common data key to support financial, acquisition, supply, maintenance, and property accountability management within our current and future logistics automated information systems (AIS)."
In October 2001, the Army directed expansion of AWPS across all Army activities. Current expansion efforts include medical activities, other maintenance facilities, and base operations.
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