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ACLAAll China Lawyers Association (China)
ACLAAmerican Comparative Literature Association (Austin, TX)
ACLAAutocad Learning Assistance
ACLAAmerican Coalition of Life Activists (anti-abortion group)
ACLAAssociation Canadienne de Linguistique Appliquée (French: Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics)
ACLAAutomobile Claim Law Associate (insurance)
ACLAAsociación Civil Los Algarrobos (Spanish: Algarrobos Civil Partnership; Argentina)
ACLAAsian Canadian Labour Alliance
ACLAAssociate Commissioner for Legislative Affairs
ACLAApartment Council of Louisiana
ACLAAustralian Council of Livestock Agents
ACLAAttach-to-Close Locator Algorithm
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72) The local Bar associations around China are all members of the All China Lawyers Association ('ACLA'), which was founded in 1986 pursuant to art 19 of the now repealed <<[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Interim Regulations of People's Republic of China Lawyers] (PRC) National People's Congress Standing Committee, Order No 5, 26 August 1980, and describes itself as 'a social organization .
All lawyers are considered members of the All China Lawyers Association, established in 1986.
90) The most recent intrusion into their independent representation came in the spring of 2006 with the promulgation of "guiding opinions," which require lawyers who accept cases that involve ten or more plaintiffs suing organs of the government or the ruling party to submit to "guidance and supervision" by their local judicial bureau and the All China Lawyers Association, both of which are under government control.
A survey by All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) undertaken from March to April 1997 found that lawyers were commonly limited or even flatly denied access to their clients.
212) Under such circumstances, it is no wonder that the Model Practice for Lawyers' Handling Criminal Cases (lushi banli xingshi anjian guifang), issued by the All China Lawyers Association on April 25, 1998, states that lawyers may invite relevant people to be present during documentation of the evidence with witnesses (quzheng).
Last year the All China Lawyers Association introduced professional ethics rules regulating the 5,700 practising attorneys in Beijing.
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