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ACEGAfrican Centre for Economic Growth
ACEGAmericans for a Clean Energy Grid (coalition)
ACEGAll Cows Eat Grass (mnemonic for bass clef spaces)
ACEGAssociation for Counselors and Educators in Government
ACEGAssociação Cultural e Educacional de Garça (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
ACEGl'Association Canadienne des Entreprises de Geomatique (Geomatics Industry Association of Canada)
ACEGAmazing Colossal Episode Guide (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
ACEGAlternating Current Equipment Ground
ACEGAll Cars Eat Gas (mnemonic for bass clef spaces)
ACEGAsociación Cultural y Educacional Guatemalteca (Guatemalan Educational and Cultural Association)
ACEGAegis Common Equipment Group
ACEGThe Association of Careers Education & Guidance
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You can remember the lines of the bass clef as "Good Boys Do Fine Always," and the spaces as "All Cows Eat Grass."
They squealed and giggled, and we found the corresponding notes to All Cows Eat Grass. For weeks we spent thirty seconds of every lesson finding notes: find high C, low C, F-A-C-E, cow C, middle C.
We fill in All Cows Eat Grass in the appropriate spaces.