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ALDODACTAll DoD Activities (US DoD)
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The 101st Airborne Division provided logistical support for all DOD activities in Liberia and for the U.
Africa Command provides a single focus for all DOD activities in Africa, and today we conduct sustained security cooperation programs in support of U.
For the diplomatic mission and especially the ambassador/COM, the SDO/DATT provides what many ambassadors desire--a single individual responsible for advising and informing on all DOD activities and programs in the country.
The May 16, 2001 memorandum requires all DOD activities to develop and execute an annual Small Business Improvement Plan, as well as establish five-year SB performance targets (FY2002 through FY2006).
The directive also states that stability operations "shall be given priority comparable to combat operations and be explicitly addressed and integrated across all DOD activities.