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4 ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN (1989) A MURDERED casino-owning pooch tricks his way back to Earth to seek revenge even though he knows it comes with the risk of going straight to Hell.
Unlike some of the other World Film Locations volumes, this one takes a few more liberties in terms of the types of films reviewed: documentaries (When the Levees Broke, 2006; The Big Uneasy, 2010), animated films (All Dogs Go to Heaven, 1989; The Princess and the Frog, 2009), a short documentary (Modern New Orleans, 1940), and even a "sexploitation shocker" (Girl in Trouble, 1963) are all included.
Over the past 18 months, the Questeds have restructured Goldcrest to focus on six areas: the exploitation of its more than 130-title library (including pics like "Gandhi" to its biggest hit, "All Dogs Go to Heaven"); international film sales (Goldcrest Films Intl.); television production (Goldcrest Films' TV arm); film development and production (Goldcrest Features); and financing (Goldcrest Pictures and Goldcrest Capital Partners), and post-production.
He also supplied the voices of various cartoon characters, including Tiger in An American Tail and Itchy in All Dogs Go to Heaven.
They were the people who did An American Tail and All Dogs Go To Heaven.
Don Bluth as an animator and artist who has directed such major cartoon productions as All Dogs Go to Heaven and Anastasia: his ART OF ANIMATION DRAWING thus comes from a practicing master, and is packed with specifics on how to design characters, adapt them to script, pair them with voice and music, and more.
She also has composed scores and written songs for four studio and independent films, as well as a host of television shows, including the Fox Pictures production of "A Christmas Carol," the MGM series "All Dogs Go to Heaven" and the HBO series "Happily Ever After."
All Dogs Go To Heaven Animated feature film originally released
Love Cult Kids (U) pounds 9.99; All Dogs Go To Heaven (U) pounds 9.99; The Hoobs: Groove's Wish (U) pounds 9.99; Bear in the Big Blue House: Opposites (U) pounds 8.99.
I don't know if all dogs go to heaven, but if any dog deserved to, it was Primo.
She made her starring debut, as the voice of an Irish setter dog in the animated movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.
* MGM Home Entertainment's Family Entertainment Collection -- which includes All Dogs Go To Heaven (parts 1 and 2), The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Fluke, Napoleon, Joey, True Heart, Larger than Life, Warriors of Virtue, Mac & Me, Me & The Kid, The Pebble and the Penguin, Water Babies, The Secret of NIMH, Tom Sawyer, Wizard of Paws and Kitty & the Beast -- will debut February 27.
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