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It was again a strange coincidence that General Tiger' Niazi laid down his arms to Indian General Arora on 16 December 1971 in the city where in 1906 All India Muslim League was established.
On his arrival Jinnah told the print media that the All India Muslim League will make historic decision in the upcoming session.
They said Mian Hayat Bakhsh had played a pioneering role in organizing first address of Quaid-e- Azam in 1935 at Rawalpindi, established Rawalpindi branch of All India Muslim League at his behest and organized Pakistan movement in North Western area of South Asian sub continent.
The day is remembered and celebrated every year to commemorate the adoption of Pakistan Resolution by the All India Muslim League in March 1940 at Lahore's Minto Park (now Iqbal Park) which was presented by A.
The scheme of Pakistan prepared by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was presented at the 27th session of the All India Muslim League held in Lahore on March 1940 in the form of a resolution.
"Qazi Essa was nominated as head of All India Muslim League in Balochistan, and the people of the province, particularly the youth, participated and strived for independence," he added.IG Ansari added that Pakistan was going through a critical phase with an increase in the number of terrorist acts and Balochistan police along with other law enforcement agencies were eliminating terror outfits from the province.
On March 23 1940, a resolution was adopted at a public meeting of All India Muslim League in Lahore.
India had lost a sincere trusted and zealous worker, a talented orator of the highest order, an organizer and a staunch supporter of the all India Muslim League. His death at the critical period in the history of Muslim India is an irreparable loss to the Millat.
The All India Muslim League (AIML) was formed on December 30, 1906 mainly to protect and advance the political rights and interests of the Muslims of India but the extra-territorial issues also did not escape its attention.
b) No doubt the performance of the All India Muslim League was also far from satisfactory.
Therefore, under the leadership of Mr Jinnah, the establishment of Muslim businesses and commercial organisations became a core objective of the All India Muslim League. The committed Muslim businessmen and industrialists invested their money and effort to achieve the objective.
Pakistan Resolution Day commemorates the passage of a resolution by All India Muslim League in Lahore in 1940, demanding an independent state for the Muslims of South Asia.
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