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AKOEAll Kinds of Everything (song)
AKOEApeleftherotiko Kinima Omofilofilon Elladas (Greek Homosexual Libaration Movement)
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Earlsdon Street will once again become Coventry's biggest street market for the day, selling all kinds of everything.
Earlsdon Street will once again becomeCoventry's biggest street marketfor the day, selling all kinds of everything.
Not to mention Johnny Logan's 1980s double and 18-yearold Dana's wholesome 1970 winner All Kinds of Everything.
The All Kinds Of Everything singer, whose full name is Dana Rosemary Scallon, denied the claims.
AFTER reading a preview in the ECHO, I went to see a musical play called All Kinds of Everything, performed by a group of end-of-year students at Liverpool Community College Art Centre, in Myrtle Street.
All Kinds of Everything sung by Dana wins Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland.
Dana, who took glory with All Kinds of Everything in 1970, said: "The people have spoken but I think it's a 'fowl' decision.
Other films being shown are Club Spirit, All Kinds of Everything, Wish You Were Here and a film about the life and work of John Edward Wainhouse.
There used to be a large quarry full of junk tyres oil trolleys, beds, all kinds of everything.
Last night, speaking for the first time about their raunchy romance, Tony told how she treated him to All Kinds of Everything in the bedroom.
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