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ANHANAll Nations Hope AIDS Network (Canada)
ANHANAlberta Natural Health Agricultural Network (Leduc, Alberta, Canada)
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They're walking around palliative," said Poitras, executive director with All Nations Hope AIDS Network, the only Aboriginal-focused HIV/AIDS organization in Saskatchewan.
But, said Margaret Poitras, CEO of All Nations Hope AIDS Network located in Regina, the province needs to do more to reach the Aboriginal community.
Margaret Akan of the All Nations Hope AIDS Network is certain that the negative stigma associated with HIV/AIDS is preventing many Aboriginals from being tested for the disease.
Sources contacted by Windspeaker, both Native organizations and the Regina health district office, named All Nations Hope AIDS Network of Regina as the place to get an Aboriginal perspective on AIDS issues in Saskatchewan.
Members of the Aboriginal AIDS Network include First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission, All Nations Hope AIDS Network, Atlantic First Nations AIDS Task Force, and others.
During this time All Nations Hope AIDS Network was supplying all Aboriginal agencies in the city with red ribbons.
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