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They are looking for a budding Julie Walters to play Mrs Overall, teamaker, macaroon provider and general all round good egg. But this is a team effort and there are a whole set of other characters to cast for a production of Acorn Antiques.
"I did do lighter stuff before Twilight came out," stresses Robert, who prior to becoming the world's most lusted-after vampire was Hogwarts pin up boy and all round good egg Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Until very recently, Martin (the head of Edinburgh PR firm Tartan Silk and an all round good egg) was the poshest person I'd clapped eyes on.
Such are his diverse talents that Glenn is a television commentator, documentary film maker, actor, script writer, afterdinner speaker, charity worker, and all round good egg.
West Country slap head and all round good egg Andy Parsons plays the Rawhide Comedy club at Central Hall in the city centre, and he can't wait for the campaigns to start in earnest.
Old Rushie's a real all round good egg these days, there's still not an ounce of fat on him and I reckon he could still do a job in the lower divisions.
e conrmation that Gary, who has enjoyed nothing short of a national-joke-to-national-treasure metamorphosis since Take at came back for good a few years back, had gone out of his way to avoid paying his dues, quickly led to shouts for him to be stripped of the shiny medal the Queen gave him for being an all round good egg who could knock out cracking pop songs.
One firefighter, Jerry Daily, wrote: "An all round good egg. Always the best that are taken.
Strengths: Clarinet, acting, singing, and a bit of dancing from time to time - just being an all round good egg.
``Dave and I go back a long way so perhaps I will forgive him,'' laughs Mike who has confidently - and bravely - held his own as a photographer,musician, writer and all round good egg, where more susceptible folk might have wilted before the altar of an iconic brother.
From England cricket captain and anti-apartheid hero to champion of the poor, thorn in Thatcher's side, Sectarian soother, urban visionary, author and all round good egg.
St Delia of the kitchen showed herself to be a genuine lover of the game and an all round good egg.