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Because not all the dead were being honored on All Saints Day, another day was set aside on which those souls still in purgatory could benefit from the prayers of the living.
A few years ago someone close to me suffered a heart attack the week of All Saints Day. Frantic with worry, I knelt before the relics displayed at my parish and prayed.
(If you were here last Sunday you would have thought it was already All Saints Day.)
For those planning to proceed to the malls on All Saints Day, after visiting their beloved departed in cemeteries or the columbarium, be guided by the operating hours of some Robinsons malls on November 1st.
Today is the day Filipinos 'officially' observe the Feast of the Dead, known to us as All Saints Day.
Tomorrow the Christian world celebrates All Saints Day. As far back as I can remember, on such days it was a family tradition to make an annual trek to the cemetery to visit our beloved departed.
Church leaders have cautioned Filipino Catholics against confusing All Saints Day with the North American All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, when children and even adults dress up as ghosts and goblins for scare and fun.
1 (All Saints Day) were declared special nonworking days by virtue of Proclamation No.