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ASATAntisatellite Weapon (US DoD)
ASATAparri School of Arts and Trades (Aparri, Philippines)
ASATAspartate Aminotransferase
ASATAssociation for Science in Autism Treatment
ASATAutomated Systems Approach to Training (US Army)
ASATAutomated Systems Approach to Training
ASATAmerican Studies Association of Texas (American Studies Association)
ASATAlcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment
ASATAll Season All Terrain (camouflage)
ASATAmerican Society of Alternative Therapists
ASATAs Simple As That
ASATArmy Systems Approach to Training
ASATAutomatic Self-Allocating Threads
ASATAnemia, Sideroblastic, and Spinocerebellar Ataxia
ASATAustralian Society of Anaesthetic Technicians
ASATAir Search Attack Team
ASATAt-Sea Alignment Testing
ASATAfloat Staff Aegis Training (US Navy)
ASATAffiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique
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com) stands for All Season All Terrain, which pretty much tells you the tale of this pattern.
Day One Camouflage now produces ASAT All Season All Terrain Camo garments in soft, quiet, windproof, and waterproof Bucksuede[R].