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AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWOLA Work of Love (various organizations)
AWOLA Way of Life
AWOLAll Walks of Life
AWOLAmerican Way of Life
AWOLAbsent Without Official Leave
AWOLAlcohol Without Liquid
AWOLAway Without Leave
AWOLAustralian Way of Life
AWOLAbsence Without Official Leave
AWOLActing Workshop On-Line
AWOLAway Without Official Leave
AWOLAbsent Without Authorized Leave
AWOLAnother Way of Living
AWOLAbsent While On Line :-)
AWOLA World of Learning (educational program; various locations)
AWOLAt Work Oldies Listener
AWOLAutoWeek OnLine
AWOLArgumentative While On Lead
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PML-N MNA Mian Tariq Mehmood, former federal minister Imtiaz Safdar Warraich, PML-N tehsil general secretary Haji Amanullah Warraich, and people from all walks of life attended the funeral.
Meanwhile, people from all walks of life met Faisal Edhi, son of late Abdul Sattar Edhi, to offer condolences on the demise of his father.
Jolles, "Mental Agility" is meant especially to aid business professionals but the advice, tips, tricks, and techniques are useful to readers of all walks of life.
Adults of all walks of life are being invited to join a community health group.
The Palestinian struggle for independence and her encounters with Palestinians from all walks of life in the U.
University officials have the responsibility and the obligation to make a serious, effective effort to reach out to students from all walks of life without falling back on unconstitutional quotas," Bush said.
This introduction to the intellectual treasures of Catholic culture offers an indispensable framework for students from all walks of life.
These stalwart and compassionate heroes emerged from all walks of life to stand together against an unimaginable terror.
PEOPLE from all walks of life have completed a basic pregnancy care counselling skills course.
From our own experiences we know that we change the lives of many; we are a lasting memory of many people from all walks of life.
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