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AARSAll-America Rose Selections
AARSAsian Association on Remote Sensing (Japan)
AARSAtlanto-Axial Rotatory-Subluxation (disorder)
AARSAutomated Accounting and Reporting System (gambling; Montana)
AARSArmy Amateur Radio System
AARSAfter Action Review System
AARSAppeals Account Resolution Specialist (US IRS)
AARSAmerican Association of Riding Schools
AARSAdvanced Aircraft Recovery System (US Navy)
AARSAutomated Aircraft Reporting System
AARSAdvanced Airborne Radiac Systems
AARSAffordable Apache Rotor System (attack helicopter system redesign)
AARSAdvanced Airborne Radar System
AARSAutomated Account Request System (router network)
AARSAlabama Association of Rescue Squads, Inc.
AARSAir Force Rescue & Recovery Service
AARSAmmunition Asset Reporting System
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Recently, the garden was accepted by the All-America Rose Selections to be the newest accredited public rose garden.
1 -- cover -- color) ON THE COVER: `About Face,' a grandiflora with deep golden yellow and dark orange-red hues, was named one of four All-America Rose Selections winner for 2005.
Roses that get the most attention are those winners of a rigorous test program conducted by the All-America Rose Selections (AARS).
Now, for the first time since 1993, a miniature has won the prestigious All-America Rose Selections for 2001.
org - can fill out a short form to enter to win 12 rose bushes, three each of this year's All-America Rose Selections roses.
Three new roses to look for in garden centers beginning this month are the 2000 All-America Rose Selections, picked as excellent growers by a national, non-profit association of rose experts:
The of the newcomers are All-America Rose Selections (AARS); they survived testing in 23 sites across the country.
Of three local hybridizers who have won recognition from the All-America Rose Selections - an award on par with filmdom's Oscars - all grew up with a love for gardening and roses.
Of the few dozen hybridizers working for a handful of rose developers in the United States, three local men are among the most successful, winning approval from the All-America Rose Selections - an award equivalent to moviedom's Oscars - for several new roses in just the past few years.