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ACWFAll-China Women's Federation
ACWFAmerica's Clean Water Foundation
ACWFArmy Central Welfare Fund
ACWFArmy Civilian Welfare Fund
ACWFAge Concern Waltham Forest (est. 1982; UK)
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More than half of surveyed people (61.6% of men and 54.6% of women) agreed that ' the field for men is in public and the domain for women is within household' (All-China Women's Federation & National Bureau of Statistics of China 2011).
She received a grant from the Ford Foundation for the workshop; however, the All-China Women's Federation did not approve of this workshop even though she had received approval from the Shaanxi Provincial Women's Federation.
The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and non-governmental organizations have a number of ongoing prevention and education projects in affected provinces.
New Female, a magazine under the All-China Women's Federation in Chongqing, last week gave China Central TV tapes of a film shot in June 2004 of seven women eating a largely Japanese-style feast off the body of a 21-year-old man with a banana leaf over his private parts, said magazine editor-in-chief Wang Ji.
In addition, they met with others whose work influences the day-to-day activities of urban citizens -- leaders of the All-China Women's Federation, political activists, elementary school educators and the editor of the Shanghai Daily.
In one village, the All-China Women's Federation awarded small scholarships in 2000 and 2001 to help female dropouts return to school.
For example, the NGO Forum was hosted by the All-China Women's Federation, an official, government-sponsored organization.
"This is a critical conference for women," Chen Muhua, president of the All-China Women's Federation, said in the opening ceremony to the more than 20,000 participants in the NGO Forum in Beijing this week.
The ministry of education holds the belief that the unmarried status of these career women is due to their "overly high expectations for marriage partners." A marriage campaign by the state "feminist" agency, The All-China Women's Federation, provides helpful advice: "When holding out for a man, if you say he must be rich and brilliant, romantic and hardworking ...
Sources at the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) told the Beijing News that the Chinese legislature would pass the law after the organization campaigned for the legislation for four consecutive years.
Meeting President of All-China Women's Federation Chen Zhili on Monday, Bkhitan expressed Syria's appreciation of China's stances in support of all just Arab causes, particularly Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan.