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Which, mathematically, is the best hand in an all-in pre-flop situation when facing one opponent who holds pocket-2s.
A lot of players seem to move all-in pre-flop with small pocket pairs - but a "tight" player will raise in an early position.
Towards the end of the tournament the blinds are so high it makes sense for players with a low stack to go all-in pre-flop. In an ideal world, to go all-in you want to have an Ace and good kicker or a pair.
Rule of thumb suggests that if you have one of these marginal hands, it's best to go all-in pre-flop. When you have a low stack, you can't afford to allow your stack to decrease by the blinds.
Recently, I was involved in a pot with an opponent who raised all-in pre-flop. I held a pair of Jacks and called.
Glen raises all-in pre-flop on the blind and I call him on the blind.
If you go all-in pre-flop and get called by a pocket pair and don't hit your Ace or King you are out of the tournament.
MOST novices make the mistake of moving all-in pre-flop (before the community cards are dealt) with middle pocket pairs when a tight player raises under the gun (first to act after the big blind).