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TSE:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) has announced that ATI's ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 7500 graphics card is now available to France and United Kingdom customers on the new HP Pavilion PC "Football Special" models.
Graphics, video and multimedia solutions supplier Hercules Technologies has revealed its 3D Prophet ALL-IN-WONDER 7500 all-in-one graphics and multimedia board.
A variety of new devices are smearing boundaries between TV, the Internet and other media, including sophisticated new digital cable set- top boxes, WebTV Plus, the Replay and TIVO personal video recorders, computer peripherals such as ATI's All-in-Wonder 128 graphics card and videogame consoles like the forthcoming PlayStation 2.
The All-in-Wonder 128 board from ATI has a Digital VCR functionality that allows a PC to be programmed to record favorite TV shows.
As the newest multimedia powerhouse to join the long line of All-In-Wonder offerings, ATI All-in-Wonder HD transforms the PC into a highly immersive digital video recorder for HDTV1 and analog TV, plus expands the realm of exceptional gaming with cinematic HD graphics for mainstream PCs.
By marrying Pinnacle's technologies with ATI's award winning ALL-IN-WONDER and DV WONDER product lines, our products will remain the decisive leaders of all PC video solutions.
MGI Software's PC video editing software, MGI VideoWave II, has been chosen by ATI Technologies Inc to be bundled with their new All-in-Wonder 128 graphics accelerator.
ATI's new All-In-Wonder cards are designed to seamlessly converge PC and TV capabilities, providing consumers richer multimedia and entertainment options across the price/performance spectrum," said Paul Lypaczewski, Vice President & General Manager, Multimedia Business Unit, ATI Technologies Inc.
TSE:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) has announced that ATI's ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 7500 graphics card is now available on HP Pavilion home desktop PCs using Hewlett-Packard Company's Configure-to-Order program, via www.
All-In-Wonder X1900 comes bundled with Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) Elements 4.
Hercules will market through a European Exclusive Agreement ATI's new ALL-IN-WONDER products including ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV technology in retail and distribution channels.
All-In-Wonder 2006 PCI Express Edition offers budget-minded consumers an affordable multimedia card with Avivo(TM) for outstanding video playback, amazing color resolution and connectivity to big screen displays.