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ANPAfghan National Police
ANPAutoridad Nacional Palestina (Spanish: Palestinian National Authority)
ANPAdult Nurse Practitioner
ANPAtrial Natriuretic Peptide
ANPAwami National Party (Pakistan)
ANPAgencia Nacional de Petroleo (Brazilian Petroleum Authority)
ANPAssociazione Nazionale Presidi
ANPA New Perspective
ANPAlgemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ANPÁreas Naturales Protegidas (Spanish: Protected Natural Areas)
ANPAmerican News Project
ANPAnnual Net Profit
ANPAnnouncement Player
ANPAuto Negotiation Protocol
ANPAdaptive Network Processor
ANPAdvanced Network Pack
ANPArchives of Neurology and Psychiatry (journal)
ANPArmée Nationale Populaire (French: People's National Army; Algeria)
ANPAdvance Notice Period
ANPAnatomy and Physiology (college department)
ANPAuthorized Nuclear Pharmacist
ANPAqueous Normal Phase (chromatography)
ANPAdministración Nacional de Puertos (Spanish)
ANPAdvanced Nurse Practitioner
ANPAnalytic Network Process
ANPAdvanced Nuclear Power
ANPAcadia National Park
ANPAmerican Nazi Party
ANPAircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANPAnimal Planet (cable channel)
ANPAsamblea Nacional Popular (Spanish: National Popular Assembly)
ANPAssistant Numérique Personnel (French)
ANPAir Navigation Plan
ANPAssociated Negro Press
ANPAmerican National Power
ANPAcute Necrotizing Pancreatitis
ANPActual Navigation Performance
ANPAnchor Point
ANPAll-Night Party
ANPArches National Park
ANPAssociation des Naturistes de Paris (French: Naturists Association of Paris; Paris, France)
ANPAssociation Nationale du Pottok (French: National Pottok Association; equine group)
ANPA Nice Pair (Pink Floyd compilation album)
ANPAutomatic Numbering Plan
ANPAutonomic Nerve Preservation
ANPAcid-Neutralizing Potential (geology)
ANPAnnapolis, MD Lee Airport (airport code)
ANPArmanien Nautile Plaisance (French boat insurance company)
ANPAnnualized New Premium (insurance industry)
ANPAllied Navigation Publication
ANPAuthorized No Pay (airlines, offered to employees when business is slow)
ANPAlpha Nutrition Program
ANPAverage Number of Personnel
ANPAlianze Nacional Progresista (National Progressive Alliance, Guatemala)
ANPAdvanced Network Processors
ANPAssistive Nursing Personnel (US HRSA)
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Heavy rain on the day of the all-night party forced organisers to put up massive tents and the lasers being used, which would normally illuminate upwards into the sky, were partially refracted into the eyes of ravers.
The "carnage" was left behind on the fieldsatBlackweir after an all-night party that started late on Saturday.
After dinner, guests of the sold-out Big Bang Party converged with the dinner guests in the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court to witness a dramatic kick-off to the all-night party.
For one wealthy couple vacationing in Italy, DreamMaker arranged a quickie charter jet to Vienna for a Sting concert, followed by an all-night party with the band Back in Italy, the company set up a shopping trip for the wife with a real-life member of the Gucci family and placed the husband in a luxury car race from Florence to Portofino.
Every year people flock to the 5,000-year-old site for an all-night party culminating in sunrise on the longest day of the year.
An auditory glimpse into Brazil's underground musical culture, Proibido Cochilar is rollicking great music whether for an everyday pick-me-up jolt or all-night party dancing.
That exchange perfectly captures the madcap spirit of All-Night Party, Andrea Barnet's glimpse into the salons, nightclubs, and rollicking parties of the teens and '20s.
During the early years of the 20th century--and even nowadays--New York's Greenwich Village and Harlem were two of the most exciting communities in the city, brimming with creativity, political activism, rebellion and scandal All-Night Party profiles women, including Alberta Hunter, Hessie Smith, Madame C.
A story about an all-night party could open the door to a discussion on unprotected sex.
He had driven less than 500 yards when Westhead, still drunk from an all-night party,ploughed into his car.
Lubovitch's dances (which I saw before and after the show doctors had operated) had ingenuity and wit, as in an all-night party scene that intercut the high-society swingers with their equally but more subtly swinging house staff.