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AHHAmerican Home and Habitat (textile outfitter company; Sealy, TX)
AHHAce's Happy Homepage
AHHAdaptive Hard Handoff
AHHArizona Heart Hospital
AHHAryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase
AHHAllHipHop.com (website)
AHHAlliance for Healthy Homes (Washington, DC)
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This video has since been featured on VLADTV, Thisis50, Worldstarhiphop and audio posted on many top music sites such as ALLHIPHOP.
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He's also been featured on many reputable news outlets and hip hop web sites, including AOL Canada, AllHipHop.
Papers filed at the Miami-Dade District Court on June 11 suggest Timbaland used a computer programme to "knowingly and wilfully steal" Gallefoss' tune as he created the beat for Do It, according to Allhiphop.
EbenGregory is also a senior contributor for AllHipHop.
To date, DJ $crilla's music has received placement on and recognition by AllHipHop.
Through this unique partnership, Track will be involved in online advertising sales for AllHipHop.
com has emerged on the scene to serve the hungry minds of individuals within the hip-hop industry who want to be heard," said Ebony Garris, writer for AllHipHop.
The theme of AllHipHop Week 2007 is the Rebirth of Hip-Hop an obvious choice for AllHipHop.