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Prior to the completion of The Allen Institute for Brain Science, the researchers were working in four separate facilities across Seattle, which made it more difficult to collaborate with each other and work toward common goals.
The Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, who analyzed 25 genes in post-mortem brain tissue of kids with and without autism, found that there were focal patches of disrupted development of these cortical layers in the majority of children with autism.
At least four private foundations are making significant financial investments in brain mapping, including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Kavli Foundation, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
* $300,000,000 pledged by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen to his Allen Institute for Brain Science.
Last April, his $100 million investment to create the Allen Institute for Brain Science resulted in a computerized atlas of the human brain.
At the invitation of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) staff and active members of the spinal-cord community gathered on July 17 in the U.S.
This is one of the first studies of the human cortex to combine these different techniques to study cell types, said Rebecca Hodge, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and an author on the study.
The results are "exceedingly interesting," says neuroscientist Christof Koch of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.
The Allen Institute for Brain Science will contribute $60 million annually with the goal to "Understand how brain activity leads to perception, decision making and ultimately action." Howard Hughes Medical Center will spend $30 million annually to develop imaging techniques that will help identify how information is stored and processed in the brain.
The Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, Wash., has completed its inaugural project, the Allen Brain Atlas.