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"On All Souls Day" [Halottak napja, or day of the dead], June 16, March 15, and October 23, the guards wouldn't let you anywhere near the plot," said Imre Mecs, one of the founding members of the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) who had been imprisoned after the revolution (p.
The issue caused the demise of the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats, and spawned the emergence of Jobbik, an ultra-right-wing party, along with its paramilitary arm, the Hungarian Guard.
And, thirdly, critics are irritated by one particular candidate for the board membership, the Hungarian Balint Magyar, who is currently a member of the Hungarian Parliament for the Alliance of Free Democrats - the Hungarian Liberal party (SZDSZ) and held, twice in the past, the post of the education minister.
* In Hungary last April, the Socialists were re-elected with 43 percent of the vote, while the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats received only 6.5 percent.
His coalition with the Alliance of Free Democrats in April became the first Hungarian government to win re-election since the return to democracy in 1990.
The Alliance of Free Democrats, a small liberal party aligned with the Socialists, won four seats and withdrew most of its candidates from yesterday's run-offs in the Socialists' favour.
The main opposition party is the Alliance of Free Democrats who champion economic liberalism and western democracy.
Forum followers had conducted an aggressive electoral campaign against their rivals, the Alliance of Free Democrats, that included anti-Semitic graffiti and accusations that the Free Democrats were led by Jews.
He added that he expected "very good co-operation with the new Government", which will be made up of the Socialist Party of Peter Medgyessy in coalition with the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats. The Commissioner said that after meetings with leaders of these parties, he had the impression that the Government "will show at least the same commitment and will put at least the same emphasis on the completion of the process of integration" with the EU.The Commissioner welcomed the results of the election, saying that it "shows the vitality of the Hungarian democracy".
The writer Istvan Eorsi, a leftist imprisoned after 1956, puts it very well in explaining his decision to join the Alliance of Free Democrats (S.D.S).
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