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Throughout his career in the energy industry, Wright has held several Administrator/ CEO roles, including with the Bonneville Power Administration where he oversaw substantial increases in energy efficiency investments, and BPA was named a Star of Energy Efficiency award winner from the Alliance to Save Energy in 2004," Callahan added.
Wastewater utility American Water (NYSE:AWK) on Friday announced the election of its president and CEO Susan Story as a member of Alliance to Save Energy 's the board of directors.
Short-term competitions can be a great way to grab people's attention and jumpstart long-term behavior change campaigns," said Taylor McAdam, Alliance to Save Energy Education Associate.
The Alliance to Save Energy gave each participating school an energy audit calculator and a watt meter.
Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan said the efficiencies achieved at one U.
Green Schools is a hands-on education project created by the Alliance to Save Energy, a national nonprofit based in Washington, D.
Rinnai has over 30 million of their tankless water heaters installed around the world, and their tankless water heaters have won awards for efficiency and overall tankless water heater system from Builder Magazine, the Alliance to Save Energy, and Bestcovery.
Besides saving money, the new standards will save the amount of electricity generated by more than 30 large power plants, according to the nonprofit Alliance to Save Energy (ASE).
THE GREEN SCHOOLS PROGRAM, an Alliance to Save Energy project funded by Southern California Edison, has announced energy savings of more than 7.
The newly formed Australian Alliance to Save Energy ([A.
households this winter, according to the Energy Information Administration--and that is welcome news for consumers in these uncertain economic times, suggests the Alliance to Save Energy, Washington, D.
lt;p>The study was conducted in September and commissioned by 1E (a vendor that offers software and services to help reduce enterprise IT costs and energy usage) in association with the Alliance to Save Energy.
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