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Loss limitations, trend, maturity of loss data, the inclusion or exclusion of no-cost claim counts and the consideration of allocated loss adjustment expenses are some of the factors that can significantly impact the comparisons of compiled statistics.
In the filing, the WCIRB also noted that factors such as increases in cumulative trauma claims, rising claim severities and continued high levels of allocated loss adjustment expenses are moderating the pure premium rate declines and warrant continued monitoring.
This will enable the auditor to provide a more accurate roadmap for the future and to set a goal for controlled or reduced claims costs and allocated loss adjustment expenses.
The posted collateral was intended to cover that portion of the losses for which National Union became obligated under the terms of the policies to pay to claimants, including deductible losses, together with attendant allocated loss adjustment expenses that National Union advanced on VP Debtors' behalf under the payment agreement.
Allocated loss adjustment expenses refer to those expenses incurred that cannot be readily identified to a specific claim or file.
This type of professional services model will focus largely on ensuring that frontline transaction excellence optimizes both indemnity accuracy and allocated loss adjustment expenses on a claim-by-claim basis.
Create and show the allocated loss adjustment expenses for all involved files.