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Loss limitations, trend, maturity of loss data, the inclusion or exclusion of no-cost claim counts and the consideration of allocated loss adjustment expenses are some of the factors that can significantly impact the comparisons of compiled statistics.
The disputes giving rise to these cases concerned the eligibility for "administrative expense status" of allocated loss adjustment expenses and so-called deductible loss reimbursements incurred by an insurer subsequent to the confirmation of either a debtor's plan of liquidation or plan of reorganization.
Allocated loss adjustment expenses refer to those expenses incurred that cannot be readily identified to a specific claim or file.
Incurred losses and allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE) reported on annual statements of the insurance companies were compiled in a summary exhibit contained in the 1998 Best's Aggregates and Averages, Property-Casualty edition.
This type of professional services model will focus largely on ensuring that frontline transaction excellence optimizes both indemnity accuracy and allocated loss adjustment expenses on a claim-by-claim basis.
Create and show the allocated loss adjustment expenses for all involved files.