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Approved by law While the challenges are manifold, the legal red tape that came with the UAE not having an official DNR (do not resuscitate) or AND (allow natural death) code for the longest time meant that every health care service provider was obligated to perform CPR on dying patients, regardless of whether they wished to be revived or not.
ANA position statement Nursing care and do not resuscitate (DNR) and allow natural death (AND) decisions.
When, beginning around the 1970's, the "Euthanasia Educational Council" changed its name to "Concern for Dying" and proponents used the enormously successful tactic of pushing for the "living will," they argued with great persuasiveness that dying patients ought to have their wishes not to be "hooked up to machines" respected, not overridden by "paternalistic doctors." When that notion had become widely accepted, then and only then did they move to the argument that when a patient is incapable of making health care decisions, the "family" should be able to decide to withdraw life support to "allow natural death."
A study this year looked at responses to the terms Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and Allow Natural Death (AND).
The Code of Ethics for Nurses states; "Nurses have invaluable experience, knowledge, and insight into care at the end of life and should be actively involved in related research, education, practice and policy development." Awareness of the use of the Allow Natural Death (AND) designation is one means to improving the care of frail elders at the end of life.
Given the conceptual similarity between the phrases "comfort care only" and "allow natural death," introducing AND terminology in place of DNR terminology threatens to make the distinction between withdrawing therapeutic treatment and DNR status even more difficult to communicate.